Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"America in the World"

                     What Is the Question Im I am Answering?
               How does this text depict “America In The World”?
    In the story Lucy Lucy By Jamaica Kincaid, America itself is depicted as worn out. I get the There's a sense that her hopes of this new wonderful country is shot down by the actual site. Here you have this girl, Lucy, who comes from Jamaica, to work as a nanny and better her education. In her homeland, she dreamed fantasized of an escape, to a get away to do better things with her life. The story explains how she spends many nights, dreaming and fantasizing about the buildings, parks, and all the monuments that represent New York City. Yet when she gets here there and see’s this those so called “symbol’s” of freedom, or new life, they arent are not quite what she expects. To her “they look ordinary, dirty, worn down by so many people entering and leaving. . .” (Kincaid 4). They dont do not seem so “shiny” nor appealing any more; they just seem like she “. . . could not be the only  person in the world for whom they were a fixture of fantasy” (Kincaid 4) Now this is an interesting line, because it symbolizing the many people from different countries that touch American soil. Do they feel the same way? Are their opinions like Lucy's? Maybe yes, maybe no.

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