Thursday, September 16, 2010

Isnt it funny?

3) Or, choose something else specific from the writings that you'd like to respond to. Again, be specific: make direct reference to the text.

      In Lucy by Jamaica Kincaid , I noticed a major cultural difference along with a false sense of "family" between Lucy and her "host family". I call them a host family for several reasons. They welcome her into their home with a condescending sort of attitude. Instead of treating her as a young adult, she is treated the way an adult would treat a child who does not know any better. Many do not notice but there is a fine line between insulting someones intelligence and trying to correct a mistake that is made. I sense disconnect in the relationship. The family is already set with there "six little perfect blond heads" as she writes. Sure she mentioned "they welcomed me into the family and told me to make myself at home. And surely they must mean it because no one world say such a thing if they didn't." Here is were I noticed the cultural differences, or her sense of ignorance. Where she comes from the word family is not weight by blood lines but by the closeness of a relationship. The family whom she is residing with mentioned her :making herself at home" as a sense of hospitality, one of which most Americans say to guest and visitors.

      She mentioned she had a dream, she was running around naked and the husband was chasing her trying to catch her while the wife stood at the doorway of the room and shouted 'catch her'. She shared this dream at the dinner table as a representation of how close she felt to them. "I shared this dream with them so they could see how close to my heart they have come, only those dear to me appear in my dreams" she said "But i don't think they understood what i was trying to tell them" I agree with her, judging by the looks they gave her and the way they laughed at her telling of the dream, they didn't not get the sentimental value of her words, instead they laughed and most likely found it pointless to hear. She overlooked this event because of her lack of understanding. While she is trying to welcome them in as a part of her family she doesn't see the false sense of welcome they are distributing. They view her as a worker in the house, and most likely nothing more. Even the maid expressed not liking her because of the way she acts and dresses. Its ironic how she chose to leave her country and her family for a false sense of welcome.


  1. I don't think she left her family and country for a false sense of welcome- she left for education. Also her comments earlier in the section suggests that while there she couldn't stand her family. Why couldn't she say "hey guys you mean alot to me" instead she told them her dream whicj could be misconstrued or make her "new family" uncomfortable?

  2. life is a wonderous thing yet the world itself is crazy sometime it changes you for the better or for the worse somethimes you must give up a part of urself to feel safe and that is what lucy did in my opinion

  3. Great creative post and examples from the text. I think you're on to something of the strangeness of coming to another country and being in this very intimate family situation.

    There's something interesting going on in this quote you use: "they welcomed me into the family and told me to make myself at home. And surely they must mean it because no one world say such a thing if they didn't." What do you make of it?