Thursday, October 14, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

Should I Go This Way or Should I Go That Way?

Just to put it out there all links below come from Jstor.

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       So Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the part I hate the most. The figuring out what to focus on. Puerto Rico is a country dear to me, its part of my culture, my homeland. As far back as I can Go links back to Puerto Rico. How can I pick just one? So yes, as you have guessed, I have yet to find a focal point I want to focus on, BUT I do know my general areas of search. As I roam through search engines, I find my self interest in Puerto Rico's "statehood" status. BUT until Im sure, its back to the drawing board!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Morals, Values, Ethics,

How Do We Know Which To Trust

        One of the main things that captured my attention was the series of events that take place one after another. The contrast between American Pride and Vietnamese  Destruction.  A question I cant help ask myself is, Can Americans feel proud of where they come from and their military if such destruction is happening in a country we are responsible for "helping"? Watching this video honestly baffled me. At one point a solider was sitting and speaking to a group of mothers about how they are responsible for teaching their CHILDREN not to care about Vietnamese people. Another man, was quoted saying  "the action he is taking is the action one would expect from the president." REALLY? The president is expected to start a War while devastates a country with out reason to constitute his actions? That interesting. The images were just graphic all around, we were able to see bombs being dropped and the effects it had on the Vietnamese  people. At one point in the filmed it showed a women trying to throw herself into the grave of a deceased Vietnamese solider.  Surrounding her were children holding pictures of whom I presume to be their fathers. It was sad as a whole.
        The way the images were placed created a flow. The football scenes for instance served a purpose  to show that after a while the war was continued for one purpose. To prove that the United States was number one. "This is no longer about the football game, this is about showing those suckers they can not win." That is exactly how the United States viewed the war after a while. It was no longer about aiding the Vietnamese people, it was about showing them they could not win. They was a scene at the brothel, which honestly caught me off guard. I didn’t really understand it's place meant at first, but as they video went on I made the connection. The government officials and American soldiers spoke of how "uncivil" and  disgusting  the Vietnamese people were but when it came to their entertain and pleasure these people were used to their advantage. These uncivil and disgusting women were suitable to serve American soldiers.